Property Division in Divorce: Valuation of Marital Property

In divorce cases, courts usually must divide the parties' marital property between them. Marital property usually includes both marital assets and marital debts, and generally consists of all property acquired by both or either of the spouses during the marriage, other than property acquired by inheritance or gift from a third party. State divorce laws handle marital property differently depending on whether the Read More

The Basics of Using a Sperm Donor

For couples experiencing male infertility or for lesbian couples, the decision to utilize a sperm donor is an important one that should be carefully thought out and discussed prior to moving forward. From the legal perspective, here are FAQs about using a sperm donor. Disclaimer: The information contained herein is related solely to North Carolina law.  What is the difference between an anonymous, known, and Read More

Embryo Custody Battles

What happens to frozen embryos after a couple splits up? An Illinois court is determining whether a woman can have custody of and implant embryos over the objection of her ex-boyfriend, who provided the sperm that created the embryos. If the woman is successful, she will be permitted to get pregnant and presumably have a child who will be the genetic child of her ex-boyfriend, who maintains that he has a Read More

Keeping It in the Family

Tips for intended parents who are considering a gestational carrier that is a friend or family member. Choosing a gestational carrier is a huge decision that takes many factors into consideration. However, most of the time it ultimately comes down to “what feels right.” Many intended parents choose a stranger for this journey, but others (for emotional, financial, or other reasons) prefer to use a friend or family Read More