Talking to Your Children about a Gestational Carrier

Many clients are undecided or concerned about when and how to tell their child that he or she was conceived or born through a gestational carrier or gamete donation. Most research seems to indicate that children cope best with the information under the following circumstances: The parents address their own comfort levels with the circumstances of their child’s conception or birth and prepare themselves and each Read More

Keeping It in the Family

Tips for intended parents who are considering a gestational carrier that is a friend or family member. Choosing a gestational carrier is a huge decision that takes many factors into consideration. However, most of the time it ultimately comes down to “what feels right.” Many intended parents choose a stranger for this journey, but others (for emotional, financial, or other reasons) prefer to use a friend or family Read More

Making Gestational Carrier Conversations Less Awkward

Talking Eggs and Sperm Engaging in conversations that are full of words like “sperm” and “vaginal delivery” and “abortion” are very awkward for many people, particularly when they don’t know each other very well. Conversations about money and compensation can also be difficult for many. A gestational carrier arrangement often combines two of the most personal aspects of life (reproductive choices and finances) and Read More

The Hostile States: Ensuring that your state laws do not prohibit your gestational carrier arrangement

The New York Times recently ran an article regarding the push to legalize gestational carriers in New York. Surprisingly, New York is one of the harshest states in terms of gestational carrier legislation, and actually forbids paid gestational carrier arrangements (women are permitted to “volunteer” as gestational carriers and to carry children for others in unpaid “compassionate” capacities).  Many citizens of New Read More

Qualities to Look For in a Gestational Carrier

Many clients have asked what they should look for when choosing a gestational carrier. Ultimately, the best answer is that they should work with someone that “feels right,” and most intended parents know that feeling when it comes. However, to offer additional guidance, here is a list of the qualities that many agencies and even some state laws require or recommend that a prospective gestational carrier possess: Read More