Date Yourself After Your Divorce: 5 Tips for Positive and Healthy Self-Care

We need to get rid of the idea that self-love is selfish or narcissistic. Being kind to yourself reflects emotional health, and an ability to be kind to others. So go ahead and show some love to the most important person in your life: you.

  1.  Make yourself breakfast in bed every weekend

Imagine waking up to a warm and delicious breakfast every weekend. Now go ahead and do it. If you own a crock pot, combine the ingredients the night before and let it cook overnight. When you open your eyes the next morning, your entire home or apartment will smell divine. Even if you decide to cook breakfast yourself, make sure you take the time to enjoy it in bed as you scan your favorite sites. Cook yourself healthy and delicious foods because your body deserves nutrition and care. It does a lot for you!

  1. Soak in a bubble bath or other relaxing location

Today’s society is so hectic and fast-paced that it’s likely been a long time since you sat back and really relaxed. For the remainder of this month, make a point of soaking in a hot and aromatic bubble bath, sit outside in your garden, or walk along the beach or lake. Listen to your favorite music, and just breathe. Give yourself a minute (or an hour) to just be.

  1. Treat yourself to something you’ve always wanted

Is there something you’ve wanted for a while but never been able to buy? Maybe your former spouse regarded it as a frivolous waste of money and discouraged you. Maybe you felt guilty for wanting it because the money was better spent on the groceries or the kids. Now is the time to splurge on a new purse or gadget. Sometimes it’s OK to buy something simply because it brings you joy. In fact, the happiest people are the ones who buy only the items that bring them joy (not because the item is on sale, or “might” look good if you lost 10 lbs). Buying only the items that you really want and love is actually a budget-friendly way to declutter your home and your life!

  1. Send yourself a love letter

Love letters seem a bit archaic in an era full of emojis and e-cards, but they are a time-honored expression of admiration and affection. Compose a letter that goes into detail about all the things you love about yourself. Are you always there when friends and family need you? Do you volunteer your time to a worthy cause? Give yourself major props in the letter.

Once you’re done, mail the letter to yourself using the good old-fashioned post. Any time you’re feeling down, you can read the letter and be reminded of how special you are. Even one positive affirmation per day can do wonders for your mood and overall happiness.

  1. Go on a solo date

Before the month is over, take yourself out on a date. Get your hair done, wear an outfit that makes you feel great,  and then head out to your favorite restaurant and order your favorite dishes. (Don’t forget to enjoy a nice, decadent dessert at the end!) Afterwards, go to a movie or concert (particularly if it’s one your ex would never have agreed to see), or buy a book that you can read at home in your favorite sweatpants. You may be surprised at how much you enjoy your own company, and how good it feels to focus on yourself once in a while! How can you plan and enjoy dates with others if you can’t plan and enjoy a date with yourself?

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