Juvenile Justice

We Can Help Protect Your Children During a Divorce | Even From Themselves

It is almost impossible to predict how a child will react to the news that their parents are getting a divorce. Some kids seem to have very little reaction, and others act out in very serious ways. If your child has been making bad choices during or after your divorce and has gotten arrested because of them, it is critical that you do all you can to protect them. The juvenile legal system is quite different than what adults will face, which is why you need a legal team with experience in this area. 

Working with the Courts

While most people tend to see the courts as a heartless system that is just there to punish offenders regardless of the situation, that is not always the case with the juvenile system. In fact, the judges in juvenile cases will often take extenuating circumstances into account when making their rulings. In order for them to make the right decisions, however, they need to be shown all the facts. 

We have been working with the North Carolina courts for years and have a strong professional relationship with prosecutors, judges, and others in the system. When representing a client, we will be able to properly explain to all parties involved that while your child may have made a mistake, it is in nobody’s best interest to have this be a defining event in their life. This, combined with a strong overall defense strategy, will often result in charges being dramatically reduced, even dropped.

Getting Your Children the Help They Need

Getting your child the best legal defense possible is an important start, but it really is just the beginning. We can also help you get your child through this challenging time in their life. Fortunately, there are a lot of resources available for North Carolina parents who are going through a divorce and their children. In some cases, the courts may require that your child is provided with one or more of these resources, and in others, you may want to require them yourself. Some examples of effective resources include: 

  • Counseling – Having your child work with a therapist or counselor who has experience with children of divorce can be an invaluable resource to provide for your kids. 
  • Community Service – It is not uncommon for the courts to make some level of community service a requirement for dropping or reducing charges. Many parents find that this type of work is actually very beneficial for their child as well. 
  • Support Groups – Finding your child a support group with other teens whose parents have divorced is often a great way to let them work through their challenging emotions. 
  • Substance Abuse Support – If your child’s poor decision included drugs or alcohol, we can find a good substance abuse support option for both your child, and you, to help ensure this doesn’t develop into a larger issue.

Putting Your Children First

While your divorce will undoubtedly, and understandably, be taking up a lot of your time and attention, it is important to ensure your kids are getting what they need too. When you have our legal team on your side through a divorce, we’ll also be there for your children should the need arise. If you would like to talk to an attorney about the legal issues of your child, please contact us right away.