Wills & Estates

Creating a Clear Plan to Protect Those Left Behind

Over 70% of Americans do not have a Will. An even greater percentage have made no provisions whatsoever to protect their family or their businesses in the event they die or are somehow incapacitated, permanently or temporarily, and cannot make decisions on their own. Lack of clear direction from you, if and when these events occur, could lead to additional confusion and emotional and financial burden for your family and loved ones. In the worst of cases, families are torn apart, businesses are dissolved or fall into disarray and attorneys or the government end up with a large portion of the estate you spent your lifetime building. These events can all be prevented with a clear plan and direction from you for those left behind. An experienced estate planning attorney can help you do this.

Minimizing the Negative Impact

The attorneys at Village Law Group can work with you to put the pieces in place to make certain these events have the least impact possible on the ones you love and the products of your labor. We talk with you about your individual situation, help you establish your needs and goals in relation to your family and/or business and develop a plan that will ensure a smooth transition and lessen the impact should tragedy occur.

We can provide you with the legal counsel you require to develop creative, comprehensive solutions to your estate planning needs. We work with you to plan for wealth preservation, a smooth business succession, and an efficient transfer of family assets. We provide advice and help develop solutions across the estate planning spectrum, including:

Divorce and Estate Planning

Divorce is often a complicated process, and after having dealt with all of the issues of their divorce, most people forget to take the very important step of updating their Last Will and Testament or estate plan to reflect the changes in their family. Don’t forget to talk to one of our attorneys about having your estate planning documents updated as we support you through your divorce. If you don’t have a Last Will and Testament or estate plan, one of our attorneys will be happy to assist you in preparing one to protect your family and your property.

Village Law Group is committed to providing for all of the major legal needs of today’s families. It is our belief that having a carefully executed estate plan is a critical step in preserving an individual’s wealth, respecting his/her wishes and for facilitating a partner’s participation in one’s healthcare in the event of a major illness or accident. Contact us today to see how we can help you.