Assisted Reproduction / Surrogacy

Sometimes it Takes a Village to HAVE a Child.

Fertility-related issues can be emotionally challenging and legally and medically confusing. We encourage you to seek medical as well as assisted reproduction law advice prior to embarking on this process. At Village Law Group, we support individuals and couples working through the complicated issues of deciding to be or to use an egg donor, a sperm donor, an embryo donor and/or a surrogate. When a couple or an individual is unable to conceive, carry and/or birth a child, there are a number of options available to the intended parent(s).

There are several assisted reproduction scenarios, and each one is dependent on the specific needs of the intended parent(s). For example, donors may be used for both the egg and the sperm, or for just one or the other. The donor of the egg or the sperm or the embryo may be known or unknown. If at least one of the intended parents is female, she may decide to carry her own egg (fertilized by the intended father’s sperm, or by a known or anonymous donor), she may decide to carry the egg of her same sex partner, or an egg or embryo donated by a known or anonymous donor. The intended parents may also decide to use a surrogate (a woman who carries a pregnancy on behalf of another individual or couple who are and/or intend to be the resulting child’s parent(s)). At Village Law Group, we aim to assist clients in understanding the process and their legal options, and assist them in constructing and defining their families and protecting their rights in the way that they intend in the following ways:

Wrap a Village of Experience Around Your Family

Managing Partner, Jennifer S. Tharrginton, is a pioneer in the field of assisted reproductive technology law in North Carolina. She is a fellow of the prestigious Academy of Assisted Reproduction and Adoption Attorneys (AAAA), which requires an extensive application and peer review process, and years of experience in diverse cases involving assisted reproduction. Only four attorneys in all of North Carolina have the assisted reproductive technology (ART) distinction. Jennifer is the chairperson of the Modern Family Committee of the Family Law Section of the North Carolina Bar Association, which is the committee that address legislation and other issues related to assisted reproduction in North Carolina. Jennifer has been a speaker across North Carolina and nationwide on reproductive law issues. She has taught reproductive law classes at both law schools and medical schools in the Southeast. Jennifer works with numerous surrogacy agencies and clinics statewide and nationwide. She works directly with the physicians, coordinators, and agency personnel to assist patients with navigating the legal landscape of family construction through assisted reproduction. At Village Law Group, we have the experience and background to work with the rest of your village (medical, psychological, agency, and other providers) to keep your family construction project on track to achieving your dream of family expansion.

Know Your Rights

The creation of a family is one of the most important decisions of your life. This is not a process to go through alone. The attorneys and staff at Village Law Group are here to guide you through the legal process and to work with the hospital staff and the county and state departments of vital records to ensure that the birth certificate accurately reflects the court’s order.

If you’re considering assisted reproductive technology, contact us at 919-525-2854 today to discover how we can help.