Our Firm’s Philosophy

I want to turn the clock back to when people lived in small villages and took care of each other.” ~ Pete Seeger

  • We believe in the concept of the village – a place where people can connect, help and support one another. 
  • We believe that all change is an opportunity for growth. But change is also hard, even when it’s positive. Times of change are often when people need the most support from those around them. 
  • We believe in inclusivity – that all people are deserving of respect and welcome. Our Village is available to all people of all backgrounds. 
  • We believe in diversity – that any group or community is more successful when there are multiple viewpoints and life experiences represented.
  • We hold the common belief that, as attorneys, it is both our honor and our privilege to serve others in living their best lives. We make our contribution to the world village by providing legal services. In return, we receive and honor the contributions of others – particularly our teachers, veterans, and first responders. Everyone has a place in the village.

You define your own happiness. We just help you get there. Our focus is always on our clients and achieving their goals as they define them. We respect our clients as human beings, who deserve validation, protection, and respect at all times. When you contact our offices, you will interact with our dedicated staff and attorneys, and we will set up some time to listen to your story and understand your circumstances and legal needs. We will offer you experienced and compassionate support through all of life’s changes.

With our extensive experience in numerous legal issues that affect families, we can offer assistance to clients in all stages of transition and crisis. We are responsive and professional at all times. At Village Law Group, you can expect support,  acknowledgement and respect for ALL people in all circumstances.