Three Benefits of Hiring an ART Attorney for Your Family Building Needs

Assisted reproductive technology (ART) law is still an evolving area of law and can be scary or overwhelming for intended parents trying to start a surrogacy journey. By this point you have already gone through and done so much that having to figure out yet another step can seem like the final straw. You may want to dive right in and figure things out on your own. However, hiring an ART attorney can save you time and Read More

Here is Where to Start

ROADMAPPING YOUR FERTILITY JOURNEY I’ve had a lot of coaching calls with clients recently and a common theme has emerged. So I thought I’d blog about it! The word of the month (other than “baby boom” – as we’ve had 7 new Villagers born this month) here at Village Law Group is “PRIORITIES.” As I work with clients who are struggling with the overwhelming number of variables, twists, and turns in their family Read More

Working with Sperm Banks

For intended parents seeking donor sperm from either an anonymous or an identity options donor, most find themselves working with a sperm bank. There are many sperm banks in the United States, and like any business, they vary in size and service. Below are 20 important questions that you should ask each sperm bank. What qualifications are your donors required to meet? What do you do if a donor reports a medical or Read More

Surrogacy Journey Checklist

Your surrogacy journey will be a marathon. Not a sprint. Take good care of yourselves during this time. Rely on your village. We are here for you! Stage One -- Day One to Surrogate Match Select a medical clinic.  Decide on medical procedures and timeline with your doctor. Research and select donors, if needed. Begin your search for a surrogate match. Select and engage a surrogacy agency (if planning to use Read More

Jen Shares Some Popular Thoughts and Feelings Shared by Intended Parents

Dear Intended Parents, Most intended parents are lucky if they know even one other couple in their lives who have experienced surrogacy. So other than the many professionals involved in your journey, you have very little opportunity to talk with folks who have shared a similar experience. But for someone like me, I’ve talked with hundreds, maybe even thousands, of intended parents and surrogates. So trust me when I Read More

The Finances of Surrogacy

There are so many “balls in the air” when coordinating a surrogacy journey, and one of the hardest to understand, unfortunately, is cost. Often, clients are borrowing money from a family member, taking a second mortgage or loan, or withdrawing funds from a retirement or investment account to pay for their journey. The uncertainty and inability to generate even a ballpark number for what this whole thing might cost Read More

Things NOT to Ask Same Sex Parents

Just like a pregnant woman is NOT, just by virtue of being pregnant, inviting strangers to touch her belly, same sex couples and their children are NOT, just by virtue of their existence, inviting intrusive and insensitive questions into their family’s personal story or details. When you encounter a same sex couple and their children (and you will do so more and more), just ask yourself if the question you want to Read More

Things to Consider About Assisted Reproduction (IVF, Surrogacy, Egg or Sperm Donation)

Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) has enabled many people to grow the family of their dreams. However, the process of assisted reproduction can be confusing and overwhelming. Here is some information to help demystify and simplify the process. Financial implications The price of assisted reproductive technology (ART) varies depending on what kind of ART you require. For example, Intrauterine Inseminations Read More

Stay Positive: 5 Self-Care Tips for Those Facing Infertility

Perhaps you planned to have children after you reached a certain degree of success in your career or achieved a similar personal milestone. But after trying to become a parent, you receive the devastating news that you are facing infertility. You know that this doesn’t mean you will never have a family. With Assisted Reproductive Technology, you may still be able to experience the rewards of being a parent. Right Read More

What You Need to Know About ART

For many individuals and couples, the dream of starting their own family is complicated by an inability to conceive. Until recently, their only choices would have been to adopt children or remain childless. Now, with strong advances in reproductive technology, these people can fulfill their shared dream of becoming parents. Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) is technology utilized to achieve conception using Read More