Things NOT to Ask Same Sex Parents

Just like a pregnant woman is NOT, just by virtue of being pregnant, inviting strangers to touch her belly, same sex couples and their children are NOT, just by virtue of their existence, inviting intrusive and insensitive questions into their family’s personal story or details. When you encounter a same sex couple and their children (and you will do so more and more), just ask yourself if the question you want to Read More

Things to Consider About Assisted Reproduction (IVF, Surrogacy, Egg or Sperm Donation)

Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) has enabled many people to grow the family of their dreams. However, the process of assisted reproduction can be confusing and overwhelming. Here is some information to help demystify and simplify the process. Financial implications The price of assisted reproductive technology (ART) varies depending on what kind of ART you require. For example, Intrauterine Inseminations Read More

Stay Positive: 5 Self-Care Tips for Those Facing Infertility

Perhaps you planned to have children after you reached a certain degree of success in your career or achieved a similar personal milestone. But after trying to become a parent, you receive the devastating news that you are facing infertility. You know that this doesn’t mean you will never have a family. With Assisted Reproductive Technology, you may still be able to experience the rewards of being a parent. Right Read More

What You Need to Know About ART

For many individuals and couples, the dream of starting their own family is complicated by an inability to conceive. Until recently, their only choices would have been to adopt children or remain childless. Now, with strong advances in reproductive technology, these people can fulfill their shared dream of becoming parents. Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) is technology utilized to achieve conception using Read More

Parentage Options for Same Sex Couples

Same sex couples have a variety of options when seeking to grow their families. But there are important legal and financial considerations to each decision. Learning about your options is something that will require significant research, and we are here to answer your legal questions about assisted reproduction and adoption for same sex couples. This blog post offers a general overview that goes over the most common Read More

A Brief Introduction to Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART)

At one time, couples who could not have children of their own for whatever reason had two choices: stay childless or adopt. Now, thanks to advances in medical technology, parents who were formerly unable to conceive can take advantage of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), which has paved the way for many new options for growing a family. There are many forms of assisted reproductive technology. The most common Read More

Is a Gestational Carrier Right for Me?

Growing a Family Many prospective parents consider a gestational carriers or gamete donation because they can’t conceive and/or carry a child themselves. Thanks to advances in science and medicine, patients can receive donated eggs, sperm, or embryos, and gestational carriers can carry embryos related to one or both intended parents. However, what may be relatively simple scientifically can be relatively complicated Read More

Potential Pitfalls to Avoid in Surrogacy or Gamete Donation

Science has given prospective parents a plethora of reproductive options that did not exist before. However, some options, although medically or even legally permissible, can be extremely complicated, risky, and/or expensive to pursue. The following is a list of assisted reproduction choices that could have potentially negative legal consequences. It is extremely important to talk with an attorney (prior to taking Read More

The Basics of Using a Sperm Donor

For couples experiencing male infertility or for lesbian couples, the decision to utilize a sperm donor is an important one that should be carefully thought out and discussed prior to moving forward. From the legal perspective, here are FAQs about using a sperm donor. Disclaimer: The information contained herein is related solely to North Carolina law.  What is the difference between an anonymous, known, and Read More

Embryo Custody Battles

What happens to frozen embryos after a couple splits up? An Illinois court is determining whether a woman can have custody of and implant embryos over the objection of her ex-boyfriend, who provided the sperm that created the embryos. If the woman is successful, she will be permitted to get pregnant and presumably have a child who will be the genetic child of her ex-boyfriend, who maintains that he has a Read More