Surrogacy Journey Checklist

Your surrogacy journey will be a marathon. Not a sprint. Take good care of yourselves during this time. Rely on your village. We are here for you!

Stage One — Day One to Surrogate Match

  • Select a medical clinic. 
  • Decide on medical procedures and timeline with your doctor.
  • Research and select donors, if needed.
  • Begin your search for a surrogate match. Select and engage a surrogacy agency (if planning to use one) 
  • Make embryos. Have your embryos PGS-tested if desired. 
  • Communicate with surrogate candidates and select a match.  

Stage Two — Surrogate Match to Transfer

  • Obtain medical clearance for your surrogate. 
  • Obtain psychological clearance for your match. 
  • Enter into a legal contract with your surrogate and her spouse/partner. 
  • Research and ensure you have a plan in place for how to address your surrogate’s health insurance.

Stage Three — Transfer to Birth 

  • Confirmation of pregnancy (share your due date with your attorney).
  • Start pre-birth parentage order process (around 16 weeks of the pregnancy). 
  • Attorney obtains pre-birth parentage order (approximately 4-6 weeks later in NC). 
  • Tour hospital and speak with personnel about arrangements for delivery. 
  • Arrange for health insurance for your baby upon birth (we can’t use your surrogate’s policy). 
  • Make travel arrangements (if necessary) for the birth. BRING YOUR PARENTAGE ORDER WITH YOU. 
  • Meet Your Baby!

Download a printable version of the checklist here. If you have any questions, please contact us because sometimes, it takes a village. 

You should also take a look at our Surrogacy 101 Guide for more information here.

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