Selecting Your Medical Clinic

One of the very first (and most important) steps in a surrogacy journey is selecting your medical clinic. Your reproductive endocrinologist (RE) is like the quarterback of your family building team. So it’s important that he/she be up to the job. Here are some tips on choosing a fertility clinic and reproductive endocrinologist. When researching clinics, you can find information: On their websites On the Center for Read More

Do You Need a Reason to Divorce in North Carolina?

Under North Carolina law, there are two types of divorce, the first being Absolute Divorce and the second being Divorce from Bed and Board (with Divorce from Bed and Board being extremely rare). An Absolute Divorce completely and finally ends the marriage between two people. North Carolina is a “no-fault” divorce state.  Separation for over a year - also known as a “no-fault” divorce An absolute divorce Read More

The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media During Your Divorce

Going through a divorce can be a particularly tough time, and if you feel as though your partner has mistreated you, you might be tempted to take to social media to let the world know about it. You also might want to use social media platforms to seek out help and advice from other individuals or support groups that are going through the same experience. However, using social media during your divorce should only be Read More

LGBT Families: Tips for Protecting Your Relationship with Your Children in a Worst Case Scenario

When starting a family, one of the last things you want to think about is a tragic event occurring. However, it is vital for all families with children to at the very least make sure that they have the proper precautions in place should the worst-case scenario occur. For LBGT families, the law can be complicated, and understanding how to protect your family in the event of a spouse’s death is essential. Read More

Love Yourself: 7 Tips for Self-Care Following Divorce

Going through a divorce can leave you feeling bitter, angry, lost, and lonely. It can be all too easy for these feelings to get the better of you and suddenly you're spiraling into depression, despair, and unhealthy habits which can affect both your physical and mental health. Staying positive and finding ways to take care of yourself post-divorce is essential. Here are some helpful tips to ensure that you do: Read More

Get What You Deserve: Understanding Contempt

Divorces do not always go smoothly. After the divorce, one party might disagree with a portion of the judge’s decision and decide not to follow the order. This behavior can result in an order to show cause or a motion for contempt. Whether you are the recipient of an order to show cause or a motion for contempt, or thinking of filing one against your former spouse, you should learn more about this process. Here is Read More

Looking to the Future: Six Ways You Can Heal from a Divorce

Going through a divorce isn’t easy for anyone. Even if you initiated it, it’s likely you will experience a lot of different, and sometimes conflicting emotions. You may go through periods of pain, grief, anger, and loneliness, but you also might experience a sense of relief, a new found confidence and an inner peace knowing that you are out of a relationship that, for whatever reason, wasn’t working for you. There Read More

5 Myths About Prenuptial Agreements

If you’re thinking about getting married, or even if you’re already planning your wedding, the idea of a prenuptial agreement may have crossed your mind. These legal documents are at least considered by most people prior to marriage, but in the vast majority of cases, the idea is dismissed because of the many negative beliefs about them. The reality is, however, that most of the negative thoughts about prenuptial Read More

What to Do If Your Ex Stops Paying Child Support

When a couple divorces in North Carolina, it is neither fair nor reasonable to expect one parent to support the children alone. This is why family courts order child support to be paid. These payments are meant to contribute to the cost of housing, food, clothing, medical care, and other expenses associated with raising a child. Child support payments are made to the other parent, but they are for the maintenance of Read More

How a Financial Analyst Contributes to the Divorce Process

When Mark and Kelly decided to get divorced, she suggested that they “just split everything 50-50.” She offered to take certain assets as her half and let Mark have everything else. He agreed, seeing the arrangement as fair. Unfortunately, what he didn’t realize was that he would have to pay taxes on his assets whenever he wanted to access them, unlike Kelly, who could touch hers tax-free. What sounded like a fair Read More