5 Back to School Tips for Newly Divorced Parents

It’s already August, and time for the kids to go back to school! This is a challenging time for any family, but when you’re a newly single parent, the hurdles may seem larger than normal, even when your former spouse is mostly supportive. To keep things on track and in perspective, we are pleased to offer five back to school tips that can save time, reduce stress, and help your children adjust. Listen to Your Read More

5 Ways to De-Escalate High-Conflict Custody Battles

Few situations evoke such bitterness, anger, and passion as a battle for child custody. When parents are unable to solve their differences in an amicable or even civil manner, the result is a high-conflict custody case. Intense emotions, verbal and even physical aggression, and an inability to properly communicate can create an ugly situation that no child should ever experience. Unfortunately, in their desire to Read More

Domestic Violence and Divorce: Understanding the Impact on Custody Proceedings

Unfortunately, domestic violence is becoming an epidemic in American society, destroying relationships and damaging the estimated three million children who witness parental abuse every year. When parties separate and domestic violence has taken place, the court must determine child custody based on what arrangement is best for the child’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Make no mistake about it: being Read More

LGBT Families and the Importance of Stepparent Adoption (Even If You’re on the Child’s Birth Certificate)

When U.S. District Court Judge Max Cogburn ruled in October 2014 that the ban on same sex marriage in North Carolina was unconstitutional, same sex marriage finally became legal within the state.That ruling was a massive step forward towards full equality for LGBT couples and families. But here we are, almost 3 years later, and North Carolina has not updated the state’s domestic statutes to reflect the reality of Read More

4 Benefits of Signing a Marital Settlement Agreement in North Carolina

While divorce is rarely a happy occasion, it does not have to be acrimonious by default. When you and your spouse are able to work through any residual sadness, anger, and disappointment, it is possible to work out the terms of the divorce in a marital settlement agreement, or MSA for short. MSAs are a cooperative alternative to divorce litigation. They consist of a written document that spells out the key terms of Read More

Asset Concealment & Divorce: 5 Red Flags to Watch For

When a marriage is headed for divorce, it is not unusual for one spouse to hide assets, usually money, from the other. This is especially common in situations where one partner was primarily responsible for paying bills, making investments, and managing cash flow. They conceal money and property, falsify expenses and debts, and pull other moves to ensure that the other spouse gets as little as possible. If you have Read More

Post-Election LGBT FAQs

We want to offer some answers to the most frequently asked questions about LGBT family law since the November elections. Below are direct quotes from some of the leading national authorities on LGBT legal issues as they relate to marriage and parentage issues. Will marriage be taken away from us now that President Trump is in office? Should we hurry to marry immediately? Supreme Court decisions don’t disappear Read More

Alienation of Affection and Its Potential Impact on Your Family Law Case

Under North Carolina law, alienation of affection occurs when a third party intentionally causes a marriage to break down, typically by coaxing or tempting one of the spouses into an extramarital affair. When that happens, the wronged spouse is legally entitled to sue the interloper for both compensatory and punitive damages. In order to establish and prove an alienation of affection claim, it must be clear that Read More

Understanding North Carolina Child Custody Law

North Carolina is one of many states that uses the Uniform Child Custody Act. This law provides the basic rules and regulations regarding child custody generally and how child custody is determined. If you are dealing with a child custody issue in North Carolina, knowing the basics about this law is a good place to start. What are the Types of Child Custody? Child custody in North Carolina involves several Read More

6 Tips to Help Your Kids Adjust to Splitting Time Between You and Your Ex

Separation or divorce can be especially difficult for children. However, allowing your child to spend time with both parents is important for their wellbeing and development. Unfortunately, the disruption to routines that splitting time causes can be detrimental to a child if handled improperly. Parents should take care to allow the child time to adjust to their new situation and use the following tips to help with Read More